Recent News In The Democratic Party

trans-pacific-partnership-agreementIt has been a busy past few weeks for the Democratic Party, as the apparent coronation of Hillary Clinton is in jeopardy of becoming a list of serious contenders for the Democratic Presidential nominee spot. Chief among those who have already made an announcement is Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), but it also appears that former Virginia Senator Jim Webb is seriously considering a run for the White House as well.

Speculation has it that there are others still waiting to announce, with one of those being current Vice-President Joe Biden, who many think is the big pink elephant in the room. Speculation continues as well on whether Martin O’Malley, former Maryland Governor, will enter the race. O’Malley has a press conference scheduled for May 30. The summer before the actual primary, it is clearly “heating” up as the 2016 White House race gets underway.

Resistance to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty

Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown led the charge this week to force a discussion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty instead of letting it slide through Congress with zero discussion in the Capitol before the American voting electorate. President Obama has fought diligently for fast-track executive-only approval of the controversial trade deal. The controversy is that the contents of the treaty have been classified under national security reasoning and Obama claims the bill should not be allowed for presentation before the American people. So, the Obama Administration is clearly presently at odds with the president’s own party, but the GOP is “all in” on the secret presidential signature power. This is hardly democratic, and the debate is far from over.

Feingold Announces Senate Run

Russ Feingold is well-known within the Democratic party and has announced that he will be seeking a term as Wisconsin Senator again, a position which he once held before leaving Washington because of the constant gridlock in Congress. Feingold has been instrumental in writing banking and debt legislation, which is at the heart off the public policy debate being exacted by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass). She has equally railed on President Obama to declassify the TPP so members of Congress may even speak about it.

So, it surely is not business-as-usual for the Democratic Party at the present, but time will tell. It is clear that the time is ripe for members of the Democratic Party to step up and present themselves as viable options to replace a Democratic President who is currently working on his last two years of tenure and future legacy, as he announced this week that his library will be located in his wife’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois.