Why Epilepsy Patients are Turning to CBD


Epilepsy is a chronic brain condition that is marked by periods of bodily convulsions, involuntary actions of one’s limbs, and a possible loss of consciousness. These symptoms are caused because of unpredictable and abnormal charges in the brain and nervous system causing the brain to send a number of erratic messages to the muscles throughout the body. The episodes of uncontrolled and involuntary actions and convulsions are commonly referred to as epileptic seizures. No one is exactly sure what causes people to have epilepsy. One can have epilepsy from birth or may acquire it from a serious brain injury or a disease.

Until recently, there was very little natural help that could be offered for epilepsy patients. Most epileptic patients were forced to take harmful pharmaceuticals that may or may not help them due to government laws and regulations. Recently however, medical marijuana and particularly cannabis oil has shown significant benefits for those who suffer from the debilitating effects of epilepsy. Thanks to a change in state laws and a shift in cultural attitudes, people who have epilepsy can now enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil does not contain the high doses of THC that most people associate with medical marijuana and therefore does not produce a euphoric effect. Cannabis oil does however show that it can help make epileptic seizures more tolerable and can stop them completely in some patients. Cannabis oil comes from marijuana strains that growers have carefully cultivated to have very low levels of THC and very high levels of CBD. CBD is the primary ingredient in cannabis oil that is proving to be helpful to patients with severe epilepsy.

The main reason that more and more epilepsy patients are turning to cannabis oil with high levels of CBD as a treatment is because many are finding that pharmaceutical treatments either are completely ineffective at helping relieve their seizures or there are serious side effects associated with the pharmaceutical treatments. In recent studies as many as 30 out of 100 patients reported that pharmaceutical treatments were providing them no benefit whatsoever. In the same study 50 out of 100 patients reported significantly fewer seizures when they were treated with a cannabis oil treatment that was high in CBD content. While there are a number of anecdotal stories about the effectiveness of cannabis oil that is high in CBD, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows that cannabis oil has a high effectiveness when it comes to either reducing or ending the debilitating effects of the seizures caused by epilepsy. In short, CBD-rich cannabis oil is proving to be a very helpful natural treatment for epilepsy patients.

When looking to use CBD-rich cannabis oil as a treatment for epileptic seizures, it is recommended that one begin slowly and build up to a level of use that has an effectiveness for the individual patient. This is because of the fact that since cannabis oil is a natural treatment the dosage at which will have significant effectiveness at helping with seizures can vary from patient to patient. Overall, patients and scientific studies are showing that whatever the reason is behind the seizures of epilepsy a regimen of cannabis oil is a highly effective and helpful treatment in most situations.

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Senator Claire McCaskill Asks, “Are Health Supplements Safe?”

My Approved PortraitsSenator Claire McCaskill is questioning various retailers and Internet companies regarding the sales of supplements that claim to preserve brain health in seniors by blocking the effects of memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The products carry dubious names like “Food for the Brain,” “Dementia Drops” and “Brain Awake.”

McCaskill, who is a member of the Senate Aging Committee, sent letters to 15 retailers inquiring about the vetting process involved with products that make untrue claims. The committee is often involved in probes of health scams that target senior citizens.

The current investigation delves deep into the industry of bulk dietary supplements which brings in $30 billion annually by way of questionable manufacturing and often outrageous advertising and marketing practices. Since supplements are not subject to FDA approval like over-the-counter and prescription drugs, the market is wide open to an older, vulnerable population.
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Democrat Kristin Jacobs Calls For Kratom Ban In Florida

kristin-jacobsOn Tuesday, Florida’s House Criminal Justice Committee considered a bill, HB 287, to ban kratom, a drug made from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, which is a tree native to Southeast Asia. The proposed legislation would make kratom a Schedule I drug like heroin or LSD. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 divides drugs into five categories or “schedules” depending on how easy they are to abuse, how safe they are, and whether or not they are currently used as medicine.

Schedule I drugs, the most severe category, are defined as having no accepted medical use in the United States and a high potential for abuse. As a Schedule I drug, possessing, selling or possessing kratom with the intention of selling it would become third-degree felonies.

The House Criminal Justice Committee voted 13 – 0 to review the bill under Committee Substitute (CS) as per Rule 7.19(c) on March 25, 2015.

Rep. Kristin Jacobs, a Democrat, had introduced the bill on January 15, 2015. Doing so fulfilled a promise she had made during her campaign. The freshman representative had unsuccessfully tried to have kratom banned the previous year towards the end of her stint as a Broward County commissioner. Kratom is currently not scheduled at all under the Controlled Substances Act, and it has never been monitored through any national surveys of drug abuse. As a result, it’s not clear how many people in the U.S. use kratom, much less what percentage of those users overdose on it or have suffered other ill effects from using it.
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Bernie Sanders Announces Presidential Bid

berniesandersOn May 26, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders officially kicked off his 2016 presidential bid in Burlington with a fiery speech that implored progressives to help him create “a political revolution” that will transform the United States “economically, politically and environmentally.”

“This country faces more serious problems today than at any time since the Great Depression,” Sanders told a crowd of 5,000 at Waterfront Park. “If you include the planetary crisis of climate change, it may well be that the challenges we face now are more dire than any time in our modern history.”

Sanders, 73, vowed to elevate issues like income inequality, climate change and campaign finance in the presidential campaign. He said that the “grotesque” level of money and power that the nation’s billionaires currently enjoy is “immoral, bad economics and unsustainable.”

While Sanders was praised by a string of onstage supporters, including environmental activist Bill McKibben, several leading Vermont Democrats, including Sen. Patrick Leahy, Gov. Peter Shumlin and former Gov. Howard Dean, were notably absent from the event. All three have thrown their support behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
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Recent News In The Democratic Party

trans-pacific-partnership-agreementIt has been a busy past few weeks for the Democratic Party, as the apparent coronation of Hillary Clinton is in jeopardy of becoming a list of serious contenders for the Democratic Presidential nominee spot. Chief among those who have already made an announcement is Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), but it also appears that former Virginia Senator Jim Webb is seriously considering a run for the White House as well.

Speculation has it that there are others still waiting to announce, with one of those being current Vice-President Joe Biden, who many think is the big pink elephant in the room. Speculation continues as well on whether Martin O’Malley, former Maryland Governor, will enter the race. O’Malley has a press conference scheduled for May 30. The summer before the actual primary, it is clearly “heating” up as the 2016 White House race gets underway.
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Why Democrats Should Support Free College Tuition

obamaThe Factual Overview
There is a proposal by President Obama that will offer two years of community college tuition at no cost to the student. The actual price of a community college would be lowered to a zero amount due. This plan does include the following:

  • Tuition-free classes for students going to school at least half time
  • Required GPA of two point five average grade average or higher
  • Required to make level and steady progress toward a degree or a transfer to a four year facility
  • A student is guaranteed to receive two free years of courses at a community college if they maintain the above requirements.


This free college tuition proposal presents a good opportunity for approximately 40 percent of students that choose community college. This is a broad and wide range of individuals that would receive the opportunity to obtain an education and then obtain good employment. This includes the following groups:

  • Young high school graduates
  • Older and misplaced workers
  • Single parents
  • Veterans

When the student graduates they will receive many exceptional opportunities. They will be fully prepared for the new economy. This could be accomplished without the burden of a large debt.
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A History Of Education Policy In The Democratic Party

educationpolicyThe Democratic Party has a long history of supporting education and the federal government’s responsibility to make it the best possible. In 1862 President Abraham Lincoln (then a Republican but would now be considered a Democrat) passed the Morrill Act which empowered the federal government to donate land for colleges to states and territories.

Democratic president Andrew Johnson approved the creation of a Department of Education as part of the federal government in 1867. The Democratic platform in 1920 called for removing illiteracy, teaching citizenship, and raising teacher’s salaries through federal assistance.

Throughout the 20th century Democrats proposed numerous bills calling for better federal education legislation. They included calls for supplemental federal education aid for communities that the war effort negatively affected.

Democrats also supported emergency education aid during the depression of the 1930s and school construction in the 1950s to educate the Baby Boomers. During the Cold War, democrats supported the National Defense Education Act. They also proposed legislation to provide equal educational opportunity for all Americans regardless of race.
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