Why Democrats Should Support Free College Tuition

obamaThe Factual Overview
There is a proposal by President Obama that will offer two years of community college tuition at no cost to the student. The actual price of a community college would be lowered to a zero amount due. This plan does include the following:

  • Tuition-free classes for students going to school at least half time
  • Required GPA of two point five average grade average or higher
  • Required to make level and steady progress toward a degree or a transfer to a four year facility
  • A student is guaranteed to receive two free years of courses at a community college if they maintain the above requirements.


This free college tuition proposal presents a good opportunity for approximately 40 percent of students that choose community college. This is a broad and wide range of individuals that would receive the opportunity to obtain an education and then obtain good employment. This includes the following groups:

  • Young high school graduates
  • Older and misplaced workers
  • Single parents
  • Veterans

When the student graduates they will receive many exceptional opportunities. They will be fully prepared for the new economy. This could be accomplished without the burden of a large debt.
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