Why Epilepsy Patients are Turning to CBD


Epilepsy is a chronic brain condition that is marked by periods of bodily convulsions, involuntary actions of one’s limbs, and a possible loss of consciousness. These symptoms are caused because of unpredictable and abnormal charges in the brain and nervous system causing the brain to send a number of erratic messages to the muscles throughout the body. The episodes of uncontrolled and involuntary actions and convulsions are commonly referred to as epileptic seizures. No one is exactly sure what causes people to have epilepsy. One can have epilepsy from birth or may acquire it from a serious brain injury or a disease.

Until recently, there was very little natural help that could be offered for epilepsy patients. Most epileptic patients were forced to take harmful pharmaceuticals that may or may not help them due to government laws and regulations. Recently however, medical marijuana and particularly cannabis oil has shown significant benefits for those who suffer from the debilitating effects of epilepsy. Thanks to a change in state laws and a shift in cultural attitudes, people who have epilepsy can now enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil does not contain the high doses of THC that most people associate with medical marijuana and therefore does not produce a euphoric effect. Cannabis oil does however show that it can help make epileptic seizures more tolerable and can stop them completely in some patients. Cannabis oil comes from marijuana strains that growers have carefully cultivated to have very low levels of THC and very high levels of CBD. CBD is the primary ingredient in cannabis oil that is proving to be helpful to patients with severe epilepsy.

The main reason that more and more epilepsy patients are turning to cannabis oil with high levels of CBD as a treatment is because many are finding that pharmaceutical treatments either are completely ineffective at helping relieve their seizures or there are serious side effects associated with the pharmaceutical treatments. In recent studies as many as 30 out of 100 patients reported that pharmaceutical treatments were providing them no benefit whatsoever. In the same study 50 out of 100 patients reported significantly fewer seizures when they were treated with a cannabis oil treatment that was high in CBD content. While there are a number of anecdotal stories about the effectiveness of cannabis oil that is high in CBD, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows that cannabis oil has a high effectiveness when it comes to either reducing or ending the debilitating effects of the seizures caused by epilepsy. In short, CBD-rich cannabis oil is proving to be a very helpful natural treatment for epilepsy patients.

When looking to use CBD-rich cannabis oil as a treatment for epileptic seizures, it is recommended that one begin slowly and build up to a level of use that has an effectiveness for the individual patient. This is because of the fact that since cannabis oil is a natural treatment the dosage at which will have significant effectiveness at helping with seizures can vary from patient to patient. Overall, patients and scientific studies are showing that whatever the reason is behind the seizures of epilepsy a regimen of cannabis oil is a highly effective and helpful treatment in most situations.

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